What are the main costs related with a building work?

Architecture and Specialities Projects;
Coordination of Projects and Security in the building work;
Technical Assistance to the building Work and its Supervision;
Municipal and Other Entities Fees;

Are there reference values for a building work?

The average values for civil construction are published at the end of each year with effects for the following year.

As a reference, the values announced by the Portuguese Federation of Industry And Public Constrution (FEPICOP) for the 2010 are the following:

Residential / Equipments / Commercial: 500 a 520 euros/m˛;;

Industry / Warehouses: 185 a 225 euros/m˛.

What is the approximate cost of a project?

It is approximately 5% of the total value of the building work.

What is an execution project?

An execution project is the development of the project approved by the owner of the building work and by the city council. Its goal is to provide all the necessary elements to the rigorous definition of the works to be executed. A set of details is both written and drawn, so that a straightforward and unambiguous comprehension can be done by all the intervenient entities. The contract provisions is one of the elements included in the execution project, where all the general and special technical conditions of construction which link the contractor to the rest construction work's conditions are specified.

It is also at this stage that the measurements are done to make the work and quantities map, which will serve as starting point to request rigorous budgets to construction companies.

This procedure allows a correct comparison between different proposals from construction companies for the building work.

What is the technical assistance to the building work?

The technical assistance to the building work is held by the architects and has as main objective to provide additional clarifications to the work coordinator.

In what consists the building work supervision?

The building work supervision aims to ensure the execution of the work in total accordance with the projects, as well as the fulfillment of the legal norms and applicable regulations.

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