About us

Matéria Modular, with its headquarters in Porto since its foundation in 1999, is a company that provides multidisciplinary services related to architecture, which is its main activity.

The already existing multidisciplinary is a strong characteristic of our company. In order to enable a close relationship with our clients, the company has set itself this long-term goal since its beginning.

By achieving global solutions through the exchange of knowledge, we are able to agglutinate and conciliate the generative principles of each area in unified documents, which means we guarantee the compatibility between the provided information of different documents that are part of the projects.

Nowadays, the demand for a higher level service is increasing. This characteristic applies to all sectors, particularly visible in civil and public construction. Our company faces this tendency as an opportunity to grow and expand.

We are able to print a culture of permanent innovation and multidisciplinary sensibility in the act of elaborating a project, through a constant focus on optimizing the constructive process and by motivating the successive training of our technicians, which belong to our staff as well the ones that cooperate regularly with us.

It is worth to underline the constant introduction of more simplified methods of construction concerning the work developed during the constructive process.

Furthermore, these methods are able to satisfy the necessary performance related to each organ of the building. The new methodologies for construction have generated more competitive and effective projects by reducing the costs of construction (through the utilization of simplified methods) and maintenance (through the satisfaction of the necessary requirements for performance).

The I&D experience of our company reflects itself in the delivery of services based on technical knowledge of new technologies for construction associated to the satisfaction of their requirement for performance.

During these years of devoted work, Matéria Modular was fortunately able to reach a position, which allows us to look at the future with optimism. The national and international recognition of our high-quality services indicates that serious and self-demanding work is always compensated and valued.

The satisfaction of the actual promoters, the recognition of the intervening entities during the construction of our projects, as well as of the managers, supervision teams, technical direction, subcontractors, and the recognition of the national and international publications are the main positive reflections about the work developed by our company.

This brief summary of our company has to proudly outline the initiative “Solidarity for Architecture”, an ambitious strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility (RSE), already in track.

About our strategy

We intend to continue to underline the mission of our company in contributing positively to the development of our sector and therefore fulfil one of our main social role as architects.

Our company aims to assume a prominent position in the area of new technologies for construction and internationalize our multidisciplinary services already acknowledged in Portugal.

In this sense, we find it priority claim in Brazil our structured course in quality and sustainability in the construction of our projects.

To achieve our strategical goals, Matéria Modular is developing projects of technological investigation in the area of exterior façades. Moreover, we keep a close relationship with sectors able to introduce technological skills to our projects.

Consequently, our company is associated to the platform Centro Habitat, entity that is managing the cluster Habitat Sustentável. Our intention is it to be integrated and participate in this cluster, which guarantees a constant connection to the poles of competitiveness and technology of the sector.

The development of this concerted dynamic that involves productive companies, which look for innovation and modernization to increase their competiveness, is complemented by the proximity with entities of the National Scientific and Technological System (SCTN). This proximity is motivated by the pursuit for innovative and state of the art results, that arise from cooperation in shared projects.

About our positioning in the market

Matéria Modular is a company that develops and executes Projects for Civil Construction. Its main activity is Architecture.

The market of the company is diversified, including individuals, private and public companies and organization. The common point of all the entities that trust Projects to Matéria Modular is the following:
- Demand for quality, exactness and innovation in the Projects.

Matéria Modular managed to obtain the current image in the market through a simple yet important quality motto: "The ended works are the mirror of the quality of the projects”.

To reach his objective, the company pursued the following

strategy from its foundation:
1. To execute complete projects and to follow closely the respective constructions;
2. To distinguish the market that values and looks for quality, exactness and innovation in the Civil Construction.

The projects fulfilled or coordinated by Matéria Modular have constructive processes of high technological content, valued by the current market.

Matéria Modular calls “Integrated Project " to the complete projects that it executes, considering that the Execution Project includes all the specialties with the guarantee of compatibility between the respective projects.
The “Integrated Project” guarantees to Matéria Modular its positioning in a limited group of national companies that carry out projects with these characteristics.


Our company intends to point out its contribution to the art of executing vertical facades of buildings and by giving evidence during the construction, which is accomplished with the support of our projects, that the influence of these facades is significant concerning the sustainability and global comfort of the constructions.


Matéria Modular's technicians and those of the companies and entities that cooperate regularly with our team possess a culture of constant innovation and a multidisciplinary sensibility in the act of elaborating a project.